How to use this guide

This users guide will guide user through all the processes step-by-step from installation, using the program, generating reports, and routine maintenance.

QIT Corrective Action Management System

          This application provides features to help user analyze root cause, issue Corrective Action Request, tracking corrective action progress, and manage Corrective Action Request status.

          Special Features:

        Easy Start access all functions directly from a built-in Corrective Action Request management system flow chart. Major functions include:

         Corrective Action Request (CAR) distribution list management

         Preliminary root cause analysis

         Distribute CARs via email or fax

         Corrective action tracking and effectiveness verification

         CAR status management

         System failure mode and corrective action review

        Quick CAR Status Overview visualized executive summary

        Built-in ISO9000 CAR form

        CAR distribution management

        Comprehensive CAR status reports (Pending, Closed, or Overdue etc.)

        Integrate with QITs Production Quality Management System and Supplier Quality Management System.

        Process Knowledge

         History of typical system failure modes, root causes, action taken and verifications.

         Discover hidden system problems

         Provide and support system reviews (FMEA reviews or operational reviews etc.)

          Whats new in version 3.0

        Employ Cost of Quality (COQ/COPQ) and System Risk and Priority Number (RPN) to direct improvement activities

                     Integrate Cost of Quality and Risk and Priority Number in CAR form

         Report and monitor Total Cost of Quality and Maximum Risk and Priority Number

        Enhanced QITLink

        Sync CARs among different users (e.g. customers or suppliers)

    Action effectiveness verification

        CAR System performance review

        Improved Knowledge base to sum up the lessons-learned and the best practices to prevent problems and carry over the best practices to new product lines.

        CAR System Dashboard to review current CAR system status and coming due items.

        Improved user interfaces and built-in report templates.