Distribute Corrective Action Request via. QITLink

Step 1

Click Distribute Corrective Action Request functional button.


Step 2

1)      Select a CAR number

2)      Select a department

3)      Select a representative that you want to send CAR.

4)      Click Add button to add him/her to the distribution list.

5)      Use the Remove button to remove name

6)      Click Send CAR button to send CAR via default email program.



Step 2

Click Send QITLink system will attach a QITLink file to an email message using the default email program.


Type in the email message and email address for the receiver(s), then click send to send out the QITLink


Import and Sync a CAR Report from a QITLink

Step 1

After receiving a CAR in QITLink, save the attachment to a temporary directory e.g. C:\QITConsulting\


 Step 2

Click Sync CAR from QITLink.


Step 2

Select a QITLink, then click Open


If system detected a QITLink, system will ask if you want to open it or sync it.

Click Yes to print out the CAR; click No to sync CAR immediately; click Cancel to exit.


If user clicked Yes, system will open the CAR report.


If user clicked No, the system will start to sync or import the CAR information. Question will prompt if system finds unmatched items.


Click Yes to accept the changes; click No to reject the changes.