CAR System Effectiveness Review Long-term

Step 1

Click CAR Status Summary function block to review CAR status.



Step 2

Click CAR Effectiveness Review to review the details.

In this example, No. Failure Mode is Machine Malfunction.


In this Example:

The corrective actions for Machine Malfunction are ineffective, in-depth root cause analysis and CA is needed, because although Defective Qty and Cost of Quality are in down trends, the Risk Priority Number is increasing dramatically.


Step 3

In this example:

The CAR qty and RPN are going up, and defective qty and cost of quality are going down.


The conclusion is that the overall CAR system need to be need to be reviewed and improved, and in-depth root-cause-analysis are needed because the RPN number is over 100 and it is going up. The company is in a high risk situation although the defective qty and cost are down.