I.      Network Version Overview

The installation of the network version has 5 major steps:

1.      Purchase the program and obtain the Unlock Code

2.      Install Administrative Installation on a master computer to setup the Backend Data Source to a network directory and a Front-end User Interface in the master computer.

3.      Link to the Back-end Data Source

4.      Install User Interface Installation to setup Front-end User Interface the rest of the computers

5.   Link Front-end User Interface to Backend Data Source

6.      Unlock Front-end User Interface

The structures of the Back-end and Front-end files are like following:




Backend Data Source: a database that stores all data in a network directory. Users will retrieve data from this database.

Front-end User Interface: an application which will be installed in each computer. Users will need to use this application to access all functionalities of this program and retrieve data from Backend Data Source.

The advantage of Network License:

1.      Multi-user capability - the program allows a group of users access the program simultaneously

2.      Users collaborations – user can share data and work as a assembly line.

3.      Upgrade capability (upgrade to a newer version or higher version of Access) – only the network version of the program has the capability to be upgrade to a newer version or higher version of Access. Program user just need to obtain an upgrade package from QIT to upgrade the Font-end installation, and don’t need to interrupt the data source that store the historical file.

4.      SQL server upgradeable – the Back-end program can be easily converted to SQL Server and like to corporate database.