Install Administrative Installation to master computer


Download Installation Package


Click Save to save the program a directory that you want to store the installation file for future reference.


For instance: C:\Temp\ or C:\Quality etc.


Click Open to install the program when download finished.


Click Next to install the program.



Click Next to install the program.



Read the License Agreement carefully, then select I accept the terms in the license agreement to install the program.




Click Change to modify the network directory for the master back-end file.


By default, the directory is F:\QITConsulting\

Tip: the network directory should be accessible for each user.




Select Administrative Installation to install both master back-end database and front-end user interface.

Select User Interface Installation to install front-end user interface to each userís computer.






Select launch the program and Show the readme file to launch the program and visit QIT Technical Support Home.