I.      Introduction

How to use this guide

This users guide provides step-by-step illustrations from installation, process mapping, using the program, generating reports and charts, to program routine maintenance. Follow the instructions step by step to learn how to use the program and set up the Six-Sigma-complying performance evaluation mechanism. The instructions can also be used as a quick reference. Electronic coy of this instruction can be found at http://help.qitconsulting.com.


About QITs Production Management System

          QIT is the first company in the market to offer a program that has Six Sigma Measurements, Corrective Action Handling Functions, and Process Knowledge Base combined in one package. Major capabilities of the program include:

o       Easy process mapping and automatic Traveler generation.

o       Easy data entry.

o       Internal Corrective Action Management such as generating the request, follow-up, and verifying the effectiveness of the corrective actions.

o       Automatically converting of the work order/lot records to the Six Sigma measurements such as:



         Throughput Yield

         Rolled Throughput Yield

         Sigma Level


         Cycle Time

o       Automatically generating/updating reports on different levels

         Executive Level -  YTD and Monthly performance reports of

        Product family

        Overall product lines/overall plant

        Internal Corrective Action Request status (open vs. closed)

         Mid-management Level- Monthly performance reports by

        Work order/lot

        Process step

        Product family

        Internal Corrective Action Request follow up and verification

         Front-line Level daily and monthly performance reports by

        Work order/lot

        Process step

o       Collecting of all failure modes, corrective actions, and verifications enables users to review and study long-term system behavior thoroughly.

          For the users who dont have a Six Sigma program in place, this program will help them set up Six Sigma complying process measurements and analysis mechanism, and provide them the Six Sigma perspective of production performance without investing heavily in training Black Belts.

          For the users who have Six Sigma Program, this program will help them resolve the drawbacks of short-term-project-effect of Six Sigma program, and in the long-term build the Six Sigma measurements into their daily operation and provide Six Sigma project team a chance to review long-term project results and gain from past failures.

          The unprecedented benefit of this program for the users is that the Process Knowledge Base function will present a clear picture of past failures and key problem drivers, and provide the users with an opportunity to study and understand the past failures and pinpoint the weakest links in the current system so that users can prevent the problem from reoccurring.

           Simple and easy data entry. Numerous time-saving features are presented in the program to streamline the data entry process. For any operation process, users only need to make three simple entries production input, output, and production time and the program will take charge of the remaining complicated calculation and reports/charts generation.

          Sophisticated and powerful reports with auto-updated charts. The built-in report functions will present Six Sigma measurements such as Yield, DPU, DPMO, Cycle Time, and Sigma Level accompanied by automatically updated charts. All these measurements will be calculated and reported on four levels Overall, Product, Process, and Work Order/Lot Level.

          Special Features and Capabilities:

        On-Screen Help feature - Provide user with an instant on-screen help on how to use the program including data entry, program navigation and helpful tips.

        Quick Start feature Quick access to major functions from system flow chart.

        Performance Dashboard feature Provide a real-time executive summary on current performance.

        Internal Corrective Action Request issuing, follow-up and verification function.

        Trend charts and sophisticated reports: YTD Reports and Monthly Reports for specific process, product and overall plant. Capability of one-click report distributing via email or fax.

        Capability of exporting reports to Excel for further analysis.

        Built-in Six Sigma Calculator.

        Product Knowledge Base