II.      Installation

Download the Program


To acquire the installation program, user can :

1) Download installation program directly from QITís website http://www.qitconsulting.com

2) Or, order an installation CD from QIT. Visit QITís website to fill out the order form.


Step 2

User need to register before downloading the installation program.

In QITís website, enter user name and email address, then click the OK button to submit registration info.

A link to download the program will be sent to userís email account.



Step 3

Follow the instructions and the link in the confirmation email and visit the download site.


Select the version of the application and then click on it.


Step 4

Click the Save button to save the installation file to userís computer hard drive.


Step 5

Select a directory in userís computer to store the installation program.


Tip: use C:\Temp\ to store the installation file.

Step 6

For the DSL or cable user, it will take less than one minute to finish the download; and for dial-up internet user, it may take 3-5 minutes depending on the actual connection speed.