III.      Using the Program

Start the Program

Step 1

Double-Click the shortcut icon on userís desktop to launch the program.


Step 2

A welcome window will appear for the first time use of the program.

Click the OK button on the Welcome to QITís Demo window to continue.


Step 3

In the first use, the program will ask for user information.


Enter userís information accordingly.


Note: Program will NOT run properly without userís information entered.


Step 5

After entering User Info the program is ready to run.



Help information can be obtained from On-Screen help window.



Quick Start Ė using the System Flow Chart

Step 1

The program offers two ways to access major functions:

1)      Program menu Ė Access all functions through program menu.

2)      Quick Start - Access major functions via system flow chart.




Step 2

Click the Quick Start-from System Flow Chart function to have a quick access to the major functions via the system flow chart (Recommended).


Click each functional block to launch the associated function.