Define Phase – Define the Key Product and the Key Process Steps

Step 1

Click the Basic Process Setup function on the program menu or Define Product block in system flow chart to start enter information of key product and key processes into the program.



Step 2

In the program menu, click the Process Setup-EZ function to enter the quick and easy data entry mode.


Step 3

In EZ Mode, follow the instructions and enter basic product info for key product.

1)      Enter product information.

2)      After entering product info, program will automatically switch to Process Mapping section to let user enter process steps in producing this product.



1)      Enter key steps in producing this product.

2)      Enter process number and process owner.

3)      Enter standard time to complete this step

4)      Enter Opportunity for a Defect.


Tip: 1) Standard time - select a normal production day and take note of the total output and total production time spent.

Standard time= total production time/total output

2) Opportunity for a Defect – if user doesn’t understand the concept, just enter 1 to bypass this function. Normally, user can either use the total number of components that need to be assembled to produce the product  or enter the total sequences that operator need to follow to produce this product as  the Opportunity of a Defect.


Step 4

After entering all key steps and the related factors, click the Process Map button to review and print a process map.


Step 5

User can also click the Print Traveler function to review and print a Traveler.


Tip: User can use Traveler as a form to collect production records. Normally, with assembly lines, Traveler goes through each process step and record production input and defect for each step.


Step 2b

For advanced user, the Process Step-Full function will provide more sophisticated data entry form to generate complicated process mapping.


Step 3b

Similar to EZ Mode, user can enter process name, process number, Standard Time, Opportunity for a Defect in this form. In this mode, user can also enter process type and attribute.


Step 4b

Click the Print Process Map function to review and print process map.



Step 5b

Click the Print Traveler function to review and print a Traveler to collect production data.


Step 6

Click the Modify Process Step function and then select the process to change or add new steps.


User can also use this function to print out process map and Traveler directly from selection window.