Phase IV Analyze/Review Overall/Plant Performance on Monthly and YTD Basis

Step 1

Besides reviewing the process performance for each process and for each product family, user can also review the summarized performance based on overall plant level.



Step 2

1)Click the Six Sigma Measurements And Report function

2) Left portion of the screen shows the YTD performance and the current month performance

3) Use the functional buttons on the right to review, print or output the reports.


Step 3

1)  Select the Print YTD performance report function

2)  Click the Review Report function



Step 4

This YTD report has two parts. Part one is the charts of DPMO, Yield and Cycle Time. Part two is the detailed dataset.


Step 5

Use the Email function to send reports to others directly.


Step 6

Use the Output to Excel function to export data to Excel worksheet to have further analyze.