I.      Introduction

How to use this guide

This user’s guide provides step-by-step illustrations from installation, setup incoming inspection, using the program, generating reports and charts, to program routine maintenance. Follow the instruction step by step to learn how to use the program and set up the incoming inspection processes. The instruction can also be used as a quick reference. User can also find this instruction in http://help.qitconsulting.com.

Supplier Management System

·          This application is one of the three applications of QIT’s Supplier Quality Improvement Program, which is composed of five phases to establish a complete supplier quality management and improvement system. For the details of QIT’s five-phase Supplier Improvement Program, please visit QIT’s website at http://www.qitconsulting.com and sign up QIT’s Newsletter to have the latest product news.

·          This application can also be used as a standalone application. Besides accommodating QIT’s Supplier Improvement Program, this program can be used by itself to manage day-to-day supplier management activities, such as

ü        Inspection planning and inspection workload management

ü        Incoming inspection record retaining and inspection results reporting

ü        Corrective Action Requests generation, distribution and follow-up

ü        Suppliers’ performances reporting and monitoring.

·          For corporation user, this application is also optimal to standardize, consolidate, and reconcile Supplier Performance Reports from different divisions.

·          For OEM supplier management, this application will help user keep track of shipment quality, and rate OEM supplier’s performance based on historical shipment records.

·          Special Features and Capabilities:

ü        On-Screen Help feature - Provide user an instant on-screen help on how to use the program including data entry, program navigation and etc.

ü        Quick Start feature – Quick access to major functions from system flow chart.

ü        Performance Dashboard feature – Provide a real-time executive summary on current suppliers’ performance.

ü        Inspection planning and inspection workload management.

ü        Trend charts and sophisticated reports: YTD Reports, Monthly Reports, or special supplier reports and charts with customized date range.

ü        Capability of one-click report distributing via email or fax.

ü      Capability of exporting reports to Excel for further analysis.

II.      Installation

Download the Program


To have the installation program, user can :

1) Download installation program directly from QIT’s website http://www.QITConsutling.net

2) Or, order an installation CD from QIT. Visit QIT’s website to fill out an order form.



Step 2

User need to register before downloading the installation program.

In QIT’s website, enter user name and email address, then click OK to submit registration info.

A link to download the program will be sent to user’s email account.



Step 3

Follow the instruction and the link in the confirmation email to go to the download site.


Click the version of the application.



Step 4

Click Save to save the installation program to user’s computer hard drive.



Step 5

Select a directory in user’s computer to store the installation program.


Tip: use C:\Temp\ to store the installation file.


Step 6

For the DSL or cable user, it will take less than 1min to finish the download, and for dial-up internet user, it may take 3-5 min depending connection speed.