Install the Program


When the download is finished, a pop-up window will appear.


Click Open to install the program immediately.




Step 2

Or go to C:\Temp\ (or where user saved the installation program) and double Click the installation file.


  •  SupplierQuality97.exe for Office 97 version.

  • SupplierQuality.exe for Office 2000 and XP version.


Step 3

After double-clicking the installation file, the installation will be started automatically.


Click OK on the Running the Program window. The installation will run automatically.




Step 4

When the installation is completed, a Userís Guide will be brought up.


Note: Read the Userís Guide carefully.




File Directory


After the installation, an icon named Supplier Quality will appear on userís desktop. Double-Click this shortcut to launch the program.


Note: if the icon doesnít show up, go to QITís website at to download the icon.



By default, all program files will be saved in C:\Quality\SupplierQuality\