Import Supplier Info from MRP System

Step 1

Use Program Maintenance function to modify user info, supplier info, system setting and enter unlock code.


Step 2

Import supplier info from Excel.

User can import existing suppliers info manually entering them into the program again.

  •  export supplier contact info stored in MRP system (SAP or etc.) to a text file,

  • copy an paste data to the Excel file in C:\Quality\SupplierQuality\Suppliers.xls


Step 3

Copy and paste the data to this template following the column headings.

Save the file.


Note: Dont change the heading information (in gray shade) of the template.


Step 4

Open the program Go to the Program Maintenance the Supplier Contact Info Maintenance the Import Supplier Info From Excel


Note: Please remember to clean the contents in Excel file after importation to avoid double importing of supplier info.

To import inspection data from SAP or other MRP/ERP program, send email to QIT with a sample output from your MRP/ERP system. We will design a customized function for you.