II.      Introduction

How to use this guide

This users guide will guide user through all the processes step-by-step from installation, using the program, generating reports, and routine maintenance.

QIT Sigma Calculator

          This application is a freeware, which provides a handy tool to calculate Six Sigma Measurements such as DPU, DPMO, Yield, Sigma Level and Cpk.

          Special Features:

        For single-step process Calculator will calculate




         Short-term Sigma


        For multi-step process - Calculator will calculate



         Throughput Yield (Yield tp),

         Rolled Throughput Yield (Yield rt),

         Long-term Sigma,

         Short-term Sigma


        *Upload and calculate dataset from Ms Excel.

        *Output calculation to Ms Excel or Word.

        Save entered dataset for future reference.


   *-Not include in freeware version. Licensed version only.

III.      Installation

Download the Program


User can download the program from QITs Website or order a program in a CDROM from QIT.


Visit QITs Website at http://www.qitconsulting.com and select the program user want to download.


Step 2

Register enter user name and email address.


A link will be sent to user later for user to download the program after the registration.



Step 3

User will receive a confirmation email with the link to download the program. Follow the instruction and the link, and the download page will be brought up.


Select the version of the application.


Step 4

Click on the link, a pop up dialog box will be brought up.


Select Save to save the installation program to user local drive.


Step 5

Select a directory in user local drive to store the installation program.


Suggestion Location: C:\Temp\

Step 6

For the DSL or cable internet user, it takes less than one minute by using DSL to download.


For dial-up internet user, it takes 2-5 minutes to download.