Install the Program


After downloading the program, a pop-up window will come up.


Click on Open to install the program.




Step 2

Or go to C:\Temp\ (or the location user choose) to double click the installation file.


File name of installation file:

·          SSCalculator97.exe for Office 97 version.

·          SSCalculator2000.exe for Office2000 and Office XP version.



After double clicking the installation file. The program will start installation. Click OK on the Running the Program window.



 File Directory


After the installation, a shortcut named QIT Sigma Calcualtor will appear on user desktop. Double click on this shortcut to run the program.


Note: if user did not see this shortcut, go to QIT’s website at to download this shortcut.




All program files are saved under C:\QITConsulting\