I.      Introduction

How to use this guide

This users guide provides step-by-step illustrations from installation, setup, using the program, generating index, and routine maintenance.

QIT e-Document Control System Freeware Version

          This application is a freeware to help user manage electronic documents with different file formats. User can manage files such Excel, Word, PDF, JPG, MP3, MPEG formats by using this application. To have more sophisticated document control program, please visit QITs website at http://www.qitconsulting.com and sign up QITs Newsletter to have latest product news.

          In business environment, this application can be used to manage electronic documents such as ISO9000 documents, project files, customer files, engineering files, and/or digital photos. Using this application, user can create Bookshelves/folders to consolidate electronic documents. The basic functions include:

        Create a bookshelf/folder for each ISO9000 element, project or engineering test to manage the electronic files with different file formats.

        Retaining files' physical locations.

        Open Excel, Word, JPG, PDF, MPEG and/or MP3 files directly

        Print out or output an index file

        Search files by using file name, version, description, and etc.

          For home user, this program application can be used to mange personal files such as family photos, letters, music and etc. User can create a bookshelf call Vacation 2002, and then save the files related to the vacation such as photos from the vacation, letters sent in the vacations, favorite music under this folder.

          Special Features:

        Quick Start - From System Flow Chart

        Open files with different formats directly

        Search files by file name, owner, keyword and etc.

        Files index

        Output index to Word, Excel, and other formats.