Search Documents

Step 1

Click the  Search Bookshelf and Document button.


Step 2

 Click the  Search Bookshelf button.


Step 3

In the pop-up window, Click the bookshelf that user is going to conduct search.

After clicking the bookshelf name, the details of the bookshelf will appear.

Step 4

Conduct keyword search.

Enter the keyword to the field that user is going to conduct the search.

Use the Review Search Result button to preview the search result.

Use the Print Search Result button to print out a search report.

Use the Output Search Result button to output the search results.


Step 5

Search result report sample.


Step 6

After Click the Output Search Result button, a file format selection window will be brought.

Select the desire output file format.


Step 7

Save the search result report to a desire location.