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New Product - Corrective Action Management System 3.0

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What's new in version 3.0

Automatically assigning CAR Number

Cost of Quality and Risk Management

Data Synchronization between users (e.g. Suppliers)

Action Effectiveness review and verification

Long-term system review to uncover system failures


New Online Resource - An Introduction of a Corrective Action Management System
Corrective Action is an element of ISO9000/QS9000 standard. As described in QS9000: “The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for implanting corrective and preventive action…” (QS 9000 Element 4.14)

ISO9000 also stipulates that “The organization shall take corrective action to eliminate the cause of nonconformities…” (ISO9000 8.5.2)

Full Contents

CAR System Introduction

Objectives of a CAR System

Common Failures of a CAR System

Case Study- A Million-Dollar Switch Failure

Case Study - “Do it right in the first time”

Perspectives Beyond ISO9000

A CAR System Check Sheet

Two typical failures of a Corrective Action System:

  • Fail to concentrate on evaluating the improvement actions, but focus excessively on CAR dispatching processes

    Root Cause: efforts are stretched thin by the complex distribution processes


  • Fail to use existing data to predict and prevent future failures and carry over best practices

    Root Cause 1: Difficult to use a single index (defective quantity, risk, or cost) to estimate future product/process behavior

    Root Cause 2: Time-consuming task to summarize data

A handy check sheet is included in this presentation for users to assess their current CAR Systems ...

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QIT Corrective Action Management System 3.0

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Optimal for a business to

- Establish a cost-effective and ISO9000 compliant CAR system

- Manage Corrective Action, Safety Action, and Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

- Communicate issues with suppliers, customers, or subsidiaries

- Maintain a product/process knowledge base



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Action Plan and Root Cause Analysis and Action Implementation

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Corrective Action Effective Review and an Example

The illustration on the left shows:

1) The #1 failure mode is Transportation Damages

2) From Mar.'03 to Mar. '04, the Total Defective Quantity, Total Cost of Quality, and Risk and Priority Number all exhibit upward sloping trend

The conclusion:

1) The previous corrective actions for Transportation Damage doesn't have significant impacts on improving the situation. 

2) Detailed root cause analysis and actions are needed. There may be an undiscovered root cause in the system

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